Eco Homes

Why Build An Eco Home

Most people recognise eco-friendly homes as energy efficient homes, warmer and more efficient to run. This is true. However there are many other benefits too.

As parents of small children with health issues, the owners of Myden Builders were very conscious of providing the ideal, healthy home environment. This is how they came to specialise in eco-friendly homes. 

Eco homes are healthier, as you consciously choose products that are kinder to people, pets and the environment. This means less toxins and chemicals.

If you’re interested in building an eco-friendly home, you couldn’t find a more passionate builder. Because we live this way ourselves, we have researched most options available. We invite you to visit our home, so you can see first hand what eco-friendly housing is all about. We can show you all the features and explain the choices we’ve made to ensure it’s eco-friendly.

Features of Eco Homes


Eco-friendly homes strive for energy efficiency, so there is less stress on the 'grid' and your wallet! Energy that's generated is retained for longer through air-tight systems and clever design.

Sustainable Living

Fancy living off the grid? Benefit from cost savings while knowing you're reducing your environmental footprint. Use of solar panels, rainwater and recyclable materials are all examples of sustainable living. 

Natural Materials

Natural materials are not only beautiful, but healthier too. Options include stone, rammed earth, timber, plastered block, reclaimed materials, masonry and many others.

Healthier Homes

A warm, dry home is a healthy home. Using ventilation systems, triple glazed windows and airtight systems to lock in the sun's natural heat are some of the ways we can help you achieve a healthier home. 


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